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Travel company “Istok” welcomes You. Our company was established in 2014, in 2015 we obtained the License of Tour Operator in Inbound Tourism. We also work as Agent in Outbound direction.

Our personnel includes professional orientalists speaking Chinese and Korean. Besides, we are planning to develop the Indian direction. Our mission is to make our clients  see  China, India and other countries of Eastern Asia from another, new side. Very small number of Russian tourists visited China provinces of Yunnan or Sichuan, which are located in the piedmont of Tibet, which have unique  nature and a lot of very interesting places which are worth to be visited.  And the smaller number of tourists visited Tibet, which is still unexplored and about which legends are made.

But we try to give the opportunity for travelling to all tourists. So, if you can not afford Tibet – we will offer You the tour of Jilin province, where Korean Autonomous district of Yanbian is located; this district is interesting for any kind of tourists, or tours on provinces of Heilongjian or Liaoning will be offered to You.  

If You are going to study Chinese, we will help You to choose any school or institute, from Beijing Univercity till language courses in Heilongjian or Jilin, which can give you affordable prices and where you can learn language as well as in Beijing and get language practice. And it will not be so expensive. Beside organization of the touring routs and education tours, we also can offer You traditional Chinese and Tibetan medical treatment tours. For those who are interested in meditation, we can arrange visiting of Shaolin and other China monkeries.

We have good partners in China, and they always try to offer us something which other travel companies don’t have.

Recently, interest to India among Russians grows. As well as China, it is a great country with a great variety of all  – nature, religions, cultures, ways of life, etc. As well as in China, rest for all kinds of tourists and matching to any taste, is possible in India. Few people know that medical tours to India are possible too. But it’s so. Ayur-Veda medicine is highly developed in India.  Ayur-veda is a base of the worldwide famous Tibetan medicine. And in India beach-related rest is possible too (it’s worldwide famous Goa, this state is also well known among hippies). India also welcomes those who want to study meditation (Himalayan monkeries). Shopping in India will be wonderful, and prices will be pretty affordable. And, after all, India has the greatest culture.

We also can offer You various tours to South Korea – Rest in Jeju island, numerous festivals, education and medical treatment tours.

Moreover, we offer You all various tours to Europe, Asia, Africa which are offered by our Moscow partners. If You contact us, we’ll try to select the tour matching to You.

We are the International Travel Company, therefor we can render services of interpreters. We have qualified interpreters of English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean which will make any translation or interpretation.

We render visa services.

It’s visas to China and assistance in filing of application forms for visas to other countries.

Address: 690000, Vladivostok, 10/9, Uborevich str., Office 9
Contacts: tel.: +7 (423) 249-90-58, mobile.: +7 908 443 1760, +7 984 199 8064
e-mail: Istok77@inbox.ru

Date and number of the Order of Russia Tourism Agency about making the appropriate records to United Federal Register of Tour Operators: 251-ПР-15 of 29.06.2015. No. of  Certificate  062113, TIN 2540198729, Primary State Registration Number 1142540000382